Apocalypse Now


What is thought, education?



(dead) data in replay

from and to what ends..


Thought is not what it is thought to be,

main mass non-understanding of it

that comes from the adoptive sponge tendecy

of copy paste ready made

coherencies and thus the aka reknown-recycled-ing Thoughtforms


That is not what thought is, that is confusion, ignorance, brainwashing.


That is what education is today in the widely used fields for/of the "civilized society".


Thats why most humans dont live in/know essence,

because from early childhood the game of truth-essence

twisting and objectification unravels

that doesnt allow the true nature

of the authentic individual's

thought and rhythm to unfold and flow.


Τhis is how the individual is called 

to self-creation or subjectivation


Thinking for yourself some call it..

the act towards utilizing the actual

"ability/act/thing" -thinking is.

through and by Individuation.


Real thought can happen

where there is genuine will for Perception.

 Clarity, Understanding, Discernment

all the children of Perceptability 

can rise from the unfathomable depths

of the experiencial practise of deathlife tasting

the experimentality and union with the Nature of the existence the seeker is..

consequently the love making with Knowing one.