Apocalypse Now




is the state of being that is

in limitation.


Everything considered Life and whatNot

is a case of shedding Focus,

Focus Investing aka Focus entangling..

These Focus entanglings are the

experienced reality that each-any-all recognizes

as the one-only Life-Truth-World-Existence.


Thus it is the Power Drive+-ing all "Worlds"

For its absence would mean none


The Focus kind of Monofocus

is the locking of focus attention

to the subject of the prism spectrum

that blocks the potential

of more and essential Perception,

that functions beyond all-any monofocus-nes.

That Perception which is is fluid and morphless

the one which in-spires Truths and constant evolution.


The Monofocus is the stage humanity is

for it serves the non/half-use of the unconditional

intelligence that all-each is and wield.

That is, the existence in the divine nature of limitless ness


Focus as tool of Creation

rather than a cage of limitation.