Apocalypse Now



Word words wording


the endless play, art, trap of Word

Word as being the fundamental

the one showcasing "The/Any Worlds-s"

is really the every/any-thing 


For if not Word

there is not thought as mostly reckoned, 

thus no interaction as known,

 thus no world as learned.


By the Inception of/for Word.


Thus we all know what is if not Word

for that is who we are-where we come from

-what truly is & where we go...


The Word is just a way of manipulating

existence for the mere separation Illusion dream-life.

Through having concepts for existence's manners

there is the illusion of control and knowledge

Over Existence.

While that is impossible,

for Word is just a medium for Illusion making,

hence the one in use of it, is always depended on the

Force existence is, for its charge for the manifesting.

Hence one is None, and all is and not.


just a theatre of Word

to portray dreams over the -what is-ness-s make-belief scenario ..


Henceforth, if  Intent is for the real undeniable

actual original Truth

one has to look beyond and without Word