Apocalypse Now


The what & how of it


is not what is known today  

in mass society s projection

of the woman and man.  


 both/each are the personified elements 

  of the universe in work of opposing  

yet being One as the evolution ways, 

    Each separate still have one an other in each other  

for it is impossible for one to be off the other

  else it can/would not exist

  Thats supposedly the universe of Human expression.

  The evolution of the species depends

  on the harmonizing and progression of both  

The integration thus Equilibrium which makes

  the Human- the God of his source nature ,

 in realization in practise in real life.

  Hence the importance of the in depth Understanding

  of both as separate and as a Unit      

This the process of existing in the form identified as Human

  that is what this whole existence is about.  

With the allowing and reflecting in the Unison